"Borrowers may save up to $10 billion in interest payments through refinancing part of consumer debt with home equity loans in Russia."
AI & Blockchain banking reviews
"Cloud based platforms, robotic process automation, and cognitive technologies are expected to be top priorities [for banks and capital markets firms], along with a push to replace aging core systems.
Partnerships with marketplace lenders may be highly sought to attain lending business diversification and scale."
"Blockchain technology may radically alter the process through which consumers buy a home, as well as the way financial institutions handle mortgages. Specifically, the technology could remove cost and friction from the process, create transaction records that are infallible and incorruptible, and facilitate nearinstantaneous settlement. It could also dramatically change the way mortgages are serviced and sold on the secondary market."
"The financial-services industry is up for serious disruption - Blockchain Revolution, it [financials industry] moves money, it stores money, it lends money, it trades money, it attests to money, it accounts for money, and so on.

Every one of those can be challenged."
"All loan data placed on the blockchain becomes immutable and is time-stamped within a verifiable audit trail. From the point of origination, there will no longer be a need to consult different data silos for different pieces of relevant underwriting and servicing information, creating one "true" and auditable source of data.
Blockchain will securely and confidentially track and relay security ownership information to authorized trustees to streamline security servicing. Regulators with full access rights could gain a systemic view of asset ownership and monitor systemic risks.

Blockchain and smart contracts could catapult the securitization industry into a new digital age."
We are proud to cooperate with the leaders and pioneers of the crypto community, paving the road to the new edge technology in the banking system managing a $12 trillion monetary base, processing $199 trillion portfolio of loans and 120 trillion payments per year.
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