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test Traceable Loan Marketplace as a Service
AI Blockchain banking platform

AIBanks connects investors with borrowers and assets owners via blockchain to make money smarter:
Get money - tokenize and sell assets or borrow at the best rates.
Invest safer with blockchain and faster with Artificial Intelligence.

We reduce banking costs to transactional fees paid to the platform in AIB tokens.
Liquidity Asset Token
AIBanks introduces
Token Sale of
Banks real time transparent
and loans records treaceable
Transparent banks
Loan marketplace
Originate and sell loans off balance sheet or buy loans via smart contracts
Tokenize assets
Make your assets tradable on stock exchanges and AIB marketplace
AIB Blockchain Testnet
API for voice and text AI sales
- success rate higher than a top 10% sales person
API for AI underwriting in seconds
Compliance and anti-fraud
Scan your documents and assets for compliance, and fraud detection
AI - coming soon
Originator's Terminal
Investor's Terminal
Bank / Originator
Join AIBanks Test Net
to be available for banks and investors via AIB API

Borrowers get the best approved loan offers in a few seconds via banks or chatbots.
AIB AI reads and understands application documents and clients big data, requests additional information and makes offers based on preferences of banks and investors written in Smart Contract.

Banks and investors set up loans eligibility criteria in AIB Smart Contracts. Other banks, investors or brokers match loan applications with such contracts, originate and sell loans to the contract owner.
This ensures a fast, cost efficient, secure and compliant with regulations origination.

Investors and Regulators monitor loans portfolio and regulatory ratios in real time.
In particular, investors will be sure that appraisals, down payments and loan payments are not fraudulent.
This will trigger flow of money from capital markets to Home Equity and other loans.

Investors will be able to buy tokens secured by loans receivables (mortgages, SME, auto loans). Traditional securitization will be faster, safer and more cost efficient.
"Cloud based platforms, robotic process automation, and cognitive technologies are expected to be top priorities [for banks and capital markets firms], along with a push to replace aging core systems.
Partnerships with marketplace lenders may be highly sought to attain lending business diversification and scale."
"Blockchain technology may radically alter the process through which consumers buy a home, as well as the way financial institutions handle mortgages. Specifically, the technology could remove cost and friction from the process, create transaction records that are infallible and incorruptible, and facilitate nearinstantaneous settlement. It could also dramatically change the way mortgages are serviced and sold on the secondary market."
"The financial-services industry is up for serious disruption - Blockchain Revolution, it [financials industry] moves money, it stores money, it lends money, it trades money, it attests to money, it accounts for money, and so on.

Every one of those can be challenged."
"All loan data placed on the blockchain becomes immutable and is time-stamped within a verifiable audit trail. From the point of origination, there will no longer be a need to consult different data silos for different pieces of relevant underwriting and servicing information, creating one "true" and auditable source of data.
Blockchain will securely and confidentially track and relay security ownership information to authorized trustees to streamline security servicing. Regulators with full access rights could gain a systemic view of asset ownership and monitor systemic risks.

Blockchain and smart contracts could catapult the securitization industry into a new digital age."
Core team
Founder and CEO of Home Loan Marketplace (MPLaaS) Zalogo since 2013
Founder of a back-office for hedge funds
Covered financials at hedge funds Avega Capital and Marcuard Spectrum as the Director of research
Worked in IHS CERA, VTB and Sberbank
Director of Founder Institute, Moscow
Master in Finance, NES. Studied global banking at Harvard and Stanford
CTO of MLaaS Zalogo Home Lending Marketplace
Implemented React.js for Zalogo
Head of development at ZhilKomfort
Web developer at Insight Russia
Back end developer at Mattino
Winner of international web-development contest 1S Rarus
B.S., Financial Analytics, Financial University (FUGR)

CFO of Access Industries (assets exceeded c.$10bn)
CFO of TAM (UCLH holding with assets exceeded $2 bn)
Auditor at Artur Andersen, audited large corporations in US
ACCA member
Harvard Business School graduate (GMP06)
Head of Marketing and AI Product Labs at Aitarget - leading Facebook Adds distributor
Product Manager at Aitarget
Cofounder at Phoenix Case School
Business Analyst at Deloitte
HIVE Global Leaders Program 8 at San Francisco
BSc, Mathematics

Security Architecture
Advisor, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.
Lead Security Architect at HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group
Board of Advisors at Ripple Labs
Manager at Accenture
Founding Member at UK Digital Currency Association
PhD, Information Security
Investment Advisor
Chairman of LDJ Capital, LDJ Bitcoin investments, LDJ Real Estate Group and The Soho Loft Media Group
Co-author of the book Planet Entrepreneur and Crowdfunding and Other Animals, The Crowdfunding Economy
Published at WSJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, VentureBeat.
MBA, George Washington University

Blockchain R&D
Executive Chairman of, Blockchain Lab
(Reseach: Student Finance, Real Estate Fractional Ownership governed by smart property contracts)
Founder of ICO Crowd
Smart IoT for Tech Cities at SmartLedger
CoFounder of 'Credits'
Regulatory Relations, London Mutual Credit Union
ICO Advisor
CEO of Token Market and Revolta
Head of European Trading Urranm Investments
Co-founder & Investor at Zenigo
Head of Strategy & Aquisition at EpicTV Adventure
Founder & CEO at Sportsyndicator Ltd.
CEO of ROC Media Group,

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