Private placement ends in:
Automated decentralized banks with costs limited to payments in AIB tokens for the platform transactions.

Coins capitalization quadrupled this year as banks and regulators made the first steps in adopting cryptocurrencies to the banking system.
The first ICO of a blockchain banking platform empowers the trend.
AIBanks makes banks' records traceable and paves the road to the new era of banking - fast, secure and automated.
70% of banking operations, regulations and costs are related to fraud prevention. Yet, low transparency and accountability of lenders is the major bottleneck of the industry development.

The largest loan marketplace lost 80% of capitalization after investors recognized that they cant trust its loans records.
If you knew where to look inside the loan company, things were worse than anybody realized.
paving the road for blockchain community to the banking system managing a $12 trillion monetary base, processing $199 trillion of loans and 120 trillion payments per year

AIBanks will make loans affordable, fast and secure worldwide with blockchain fraud prevention and AI decisions. We run ICO for Phase I development - blockchain lending marketplace for banks and investors based on our Mortgage Lending as a Service (MLaaS) platform Zalogo operating since 2013.

«Banking requires blockchain for fraud prevention and AI for decision making to operate $199 trillion credit and 120 trillion transactions per year.
70% of banking operations, regulations and costs are related to fraud prevention.
The largest loan marketplace lost 80% of capitalization after investors recognized that they cant trust its loans records.


AIB blockchain fraud prevention and AI underwriting may save up to 9 billion of man-hours and $600 billions of retail loans costs per year.
We roll out AIB platform on a lean step-by-step basis, starting with Home Lending based on our existing MLaaS platform Zalogo with 1000+ mortgage deals processed since 2013.


AIB blockchain fraud prevention and AI enables immediate underwriting and sale of a loan to the most suitable bank or investor.

So banks and even chatbots will deliver loans at the best rate possible in seconds to borrowers and lenders.
to be available for banks and investors via AIB API

Borrowers get the best approved loan offers in a few seconds via banks or chatbots.
AIB AI reads and understands application documents and clients big data, requests additional information and makes offers based on preferences of banks and investors written in Smart Contract.

Banks and investors set up loans eligibility criteria in AIB Smart Contracts. Other banks, investors or brokers match loan applications with such contracts, originate and sell loans to the contract owner.
This ensures a fast, cost efficient, secure and compliant with regulations origination.

Investors and Regulators monitor loans portfolio and regulatory ratios in real time.
In particular, investors will be sure that appraisals, down payments and loan payments are not fraudulent.
This will trigger flow of money from capital markets to Home Equity and other loans.

Investors will be able to buy tokens secured by loans receivables (mortgages, SME, auto loans). Traditional securitization will be faster, safer and more cost efficient.
AI & Blockchain banking reviews
"Cloud based platforms, robotic process automation, and cognitive technologies are expected to be top priorities [for banks and capital markets firms], along with a push to replace aging core systems.
Partnerships with marketplace lenders may be highly sought to attain lending business diversification and scale."
"Blockchain technology may radically alter the process through which consumers buy a home, as well as the way financial institutions handle mortgages. Specifically, the technology could remove cost and friction from the process, create transaction records that are infallible and incorruptible, and facilitate nearinstantaneous settlement. It could also dramatically change the way mortgages are serviced and sold on the secondary market."
"The financial-services industry is up for serious disruption - Blockchain Revolution, it [financials industry] moves money, it stores money, it lends money, it trades money, it attests to money, it accounts for money, and so on.

Every one of those can be challenged."
"All loan data placed on the blockchain becomes immutable and is time-stamped within a verifiable audit trail. From the point of origination, there will no longer be a need to consult different data silos for different pieces of relevant underwriting and servicing information, creating one "true" and auditable source of data.
Blockchain will securely and confidentially track and relay security ownership information to authorized trustees to streamline security servicing. Regulators with full access rights could gain a systemic view of asset ownership and monitor systemic risks.

Blockchain and smart contracts could catapult the securitization industry into a new digital age."
Zalogo Home Lending since 2013
Over 1000 loans processed
Over $30 millions loans value
5 banks, 22 investors and 14600+ clients
Since 2013 AIB Zalogo has mastered the mortgage marketplace
In 3Q 2016 we launched P2P lending

Zalogo has AI engine (image & text recognition) sorting loan documents and preparing application packages, saving 70% of loan processing time
"Borrowers may save up to $10 billion in interest payments through refinancing part of consumer debt with home equity loans in Russia."
AIBanks Team and Advisors
11 years in finance and fintech
Founder and CEO of Home Loan Marketplace (MPLaaS) Zalogo since 2013
Founder of a back-office for hedge funds
Director of Founder Institute, Moscow
Covered financials at hedge funds Avega Capital and Marcuard Spectrum as the Director of research
Worked in IHS CERA, VTB and Sberbank
Founder of the community Founders Developers
Master in Finance, NES. Studied global banking at Harvard and Stanford
Etherium Smart Contract developer
CTO of MLaaS Zalogo Home Lending Marketplace
Implemented React.js for Zalogo
Head of development at ZhilKomfort
Web developer at Insight Russia
Back end developer at Mattino
Winner of international web-development contest 1S Rarus
B.S., Financial Analytics, Financial University (FUGR)

Front End
12 years in software engineering, including 4 in banking software
Frontend Development Team Lead at Yandex
Software engineer at JSC First specialized depository
Software engineer, Art. Lebedev Studio
Project manager, Superscape
Project manager, Bank's Soft Systems
Lecturer at Yandex Developers School, Moscow Coding School.
Smart Contracts Developer
Programmer at Florida Blue
Director of Global Engagement at Blockchain Education Network
Full Stack Developer | Lead Project Manager at The Agency at UF
Operations Analyst at Deutsche Bank
B.S. Finance at University of Florida and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Deep Learning Research
17 years in Deep learning, 16 publications including in Nature Science Journal
Head of Neural Nets and Deep Learning Lab at MIPT
Senior Research Scientist at Kurchatov NBIC-Centre
Senior Researcher Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology RAMS
PhD, Computer Science, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics

Security Architect
Advisor, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.
Lead Security Architect, HSBC
Board of Advisors, Ripple Labs
Lead Security Architect, Lloyds Banking Group
Manager, Accenture
Founding Member, UK Digital Currency Association
PhD, Information Security
Investment Advisor
Chairman of LDJ Capital, LDJ Bitcoin investments, LDJ Real Estate Group and The Soho Loft Media Group
Co-author of the book Planet Entrepreneur and Crowdfunding and Other Animals, The Crowdfunding Economy
Published at WSJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, VentureBeat.
MBA, George Washington University

Blockchain Solution Architect
Blockchain Engineer, worked at Syntel (Nasdaq:SYNT)
Working as Engagement Officerat Blockchain Education Network
Engineer's degree, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya
Blockchain Cryptography
Research Scientist at IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation
Research Scientist cryptography with focus on post-quantum cryptography at National University of Singapore
PhD, Math, National University of Singapore

Blockchain R&D and ICO Advisor
30+ years in banking IT
Executive Chairman,
ICO Crowd, BlockchainLab (Bank for Student Finance and StudentLoanCoin, Real Estate Fractional Ownership governed by smart property contracts.)
Smart IoT for Tech Cities, SmartLedger
CoFounder of 'Credits'
Compliance Officer and Regulatory Relations, London Mutual Credit Union
Banking Integrations
30+ years in banking IT
Founder & CEO, Startup-As a Service in Analytics & Blockchain Technology Senior Advisory Consultant - SAP EPM BPC & SSM and Analytics at IBM
Senior Business Advisory Consultant - Banking and Finance at Mahindra Satyam
Manager of IT systems at Andhra Bank - Operations and Infrastructure, Core & Retail Banking Apps, Cards, ATMs, POS, Switch Solutions- Base24, MIS
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, CAIIB, Banking & Finance

Big Data and Underwriting
Director, MFM Data (banking data analytics)
Responsible for Risk-cost as a Credit Card Portfolio Manager at OTP Bank
Head of Portfolio Analysis Department / Credit Risk Management Division, Bank Trust
Basel II implementation team / Risk Management, Raiffeisen Bank
Master of Math, Computational Mathematics (MSU)
Corporate Banking
17 years in corporate banking
Senior VP, Chief Managing Director for Corporate Business, Alfa-Bank
Head of Corporate Lending and Project Finance Department, Sberbank
Head of Structured and Leveraged Finance, Deputy Head of Project & Structured Finance, Gazprombank
Head of Strategy and Investments, Metalloinvest
Blockchain Strategist
Blockchain strategist & CEO at Wise Contracts
Ex.CEO & Founder of blockchain mortgage marketplace Factury
Product director & co-founder SIA
CEO & Founder, SIA idejuTalku pakalpojumi
Visting Lecturer in innovation and creativity at Rīgas Stradiņš University and University of Latvia
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Research Analyst
Business Consultant for Ethereum marketplace project, Blockchain at Berkeley Portfolio Manager, Capital Investments at Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley
Regional Partner, Hong Kong
Co-Founder of Bedo Blockchain Tech
Founder of Terra Inspect Tech, ChartGreen Consult
Founder of Algorithmic Trading
MBA, Finance and Financial/ Risk Management Services, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marketplace Lending Investors Advisor
Portfolio Strategist, Taurus Family Office
Board Member & Economic Advisor at Ceylon Asset Management
Senior Investment Advisor, HSBC Private Bank
Senior Equity Strategist, Standard Chartered Bank
Money & Market Columnist for Forbes Indonesia
Co-Founder, Mongolia Asset Management
Adjunct Researcher, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Our team worked at
Due to a limited AIB token offering during ICO in June we run a privileged private placement in advance to ICO to ensure that the pioneers and founders of the crypto world have access to AIB tokens in the first place.

The first ICO of a blockchain banking platform will be announced soon. AIBanks will sell AIB tokens with the goal to onboard AIB node holders and regional partners (loan investors, banks and other loan originators) and to fund the blockchain implementation and business development, develop the cryptocurrency tailored for banking operations.

The value of tokens offering will be limited. Therefore, we would like to make sure that the pioneers of the crypto community will have the opportunity to participate in AIB ICO on a privileged basis. Your vision and values are very important for the blockchain banking ecosystem development.

AIBanks issues up to 1000 AIBP tokens for a private Pre - ICO.
AIBP price is 3 ETH (the token can be split).
Within one week after the AIB ICO ends AIBP will be converted into AIB with a 50% premium according to the formula:

AIB to be received = AIBP * 3 / AIB*ICO price (ETH) * 150%

We limit our private offering to 200 AIBP per one hand and reserve the right to return payment and withdraw AIBP token within 7 days after purchase.

According to the best practices we follow lean step-by-step fundraizing and limit ICO goal. We raise only limited amount needed for Phase I implementation despite the overwhelming indicated demand for the banking platform.
Investors benefit when a project receives access to funding based on perfomance rather than "full cash in advance" practice. The team shall meet intermediary goals to get access to funds supposed to be used for more distant goals.

Classical venture capital, despite many pitfalls, provides very useful practices regarding sustainable team motivation: the team's benefit from the project capitalization growth shall outweight any alternative ways of making money.

That is why we limit our ICO goal to have the strong motivation to focus on raising fundamental value of AIB tokens and selling reserved for Phase || tokens at a higher valuation.
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