AIB Roadmap
2013 Dec
1 st Business plan for Home Equity Lender
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy drafted a business plan for home equity lenders. He revealed that emerging markets have very low home loans penetration due to low transparency for investors and prohibiting deal costs.
2014 May
First deal closed | Pivot to a broker
Due to economic downturn in CIS markets investment and credit facilities dried up. This contributed to high loan rates and commission. Therefore, we decided to pivot to home loan broker with the goal to develop lending marketplace.
First deal was closed in May with $1200 commission.
2015 Apr-Aug
Alpha marketplace tested
We deployed the alpha version of the platform and revealed many frictions in the customer journey. Later, for greater flexibility we refactored the platform 3 times.
2016 Sep
Launch of the marketplace
3rd attempt to bring the platform to the market: in 7 month investors and banks made more than 15 000 calls with clients and arranged over 1200 meetings resulting in over 1000 + deals closed.
2016 Dec
The First Self Served Deal by a bank
Banks need blockchain platform to sell loans
A bank received automatic application via Zalogo platform, communicated with a client, completed underwriting and closed home loan deal.
We identified that banks need Zalogo platform to originate loans under the programs of other banks and investors, transparent on blockchain. This reduce refusals and cut loan origination costs 5-7x for borrowers while increase customer retention for banks.
2017 Apr-Aug
Token Sale
Due to a limited AIB token offering during ICO in June we will run a privileged private placement in advance to ICO to ensure that the pioneers and founders of the crypto world have access to AIB tokens in the first place.
2017 4Q
Home Lending platform for banks on AI blockchain
Borrowers get the best approved loan offers after sole application. Banks and investors set up loans eligibility criteria in AIB Smart Contracts. Other banks, investors or brokers match loan applications with such contracts, originate and sell loans to the contract owner.
Loans are available at messengers
Messengers and chatbots may connect to the AIB platform via API and originate loans to banks and investors.
Deposits and Capital Markets launched
We enable to launch all core banking products on blockchain. Thus, leading to the rise of fully automated, zero-cost banks.
First bank with fully automated AI underwriting
AI understands applications, communicate with borrowers and make decisions based on bank's or investment risk profile and underwriting criteria.
AIB becomes the Stable Coin
and used for lending and payments
10x growth AIB Stable Coin Smart Contract (SCSC) is activated.
The SCSC issues AIB for lending when its price is high and purchases from the market when the price is below target.
First fully automated bank is started on the platform
Distributed ledger has the power to decentralize banking and diminish cost of existing middlemen. Blockchain combined with Artificial Intelligence has the potential to completely automate decisions, antifraud management and customer relations.
We are proud to cooperate with the leaders and pioneers of the crypto community, paving the road to the new edge technology in the banking system managing a $12 trillion monetary base, processing $199 trillion portfolio of loans and 120 trillion payments per year.
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